Anonyme asked: "Maria will be good looking when she grows up. I 'm fourteen in grade ten. One day me and my friends were chatting in front of the school and a parent asked us if we read in grade seven!!! She broke my heart!!:(:'(:O"

Im so sorry but I dont understand your message….. 💛

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Anonyme asked: "Of course she is ugly anon! Thats why she Never Shows her ugly Face in Instagram."

Thats stupid….

realmadridfamily asked: "Yes, she's :) But ... Tello also been loaned to Porto?"

yeees :)

Anonyme asked: "Why would you say to a kid that she's ugly anon? You might have other preferences but she's sure not ugly."

Anonyme asked: "Pilar looks scary with that makeup and eyes"

not really :) 

Anonyme asked: "Pilar looks like a panda on those photos,she has pretty eyes but I prefer her with more natural makeup,what do you think?"

I think this makeup brings out her beautiful blue eyes :)

Anonyme asked: "Oh no Mary! I give the anon right. Torres Looks like his Wife. She is right. Xx but they are a cute Family.❤️"

Really. ? haha x

Anonyme asked: "DAMN is Maria Taktouk ugly! Even her mother Looks better Then her. Hahahaha."

I think she is pretty :) 

Anonyme asked: "Maria Taktouk is beautiful I think :) and omg India is just soo adorable :3"

Yes she is :) yeahhhhhhhhh India is so cute (she loooks Calleti!) x

realmadridfamily asked: "Casemiro was loaned for one year to FC Porto :( I miss them and I hope that they will return for the twelve months!"

Really? I didnnnnt know! I liked this player, and I thought Anna was really simple and beautiful!

Anonyme asked: "'''Finally came the day when you went where you did not deserve, and you'll never be great'' i dont think it's logical translation ??"

I used google trasnaltion… so idk……

realmadridfamily asked: "Your avatar *_* I love Torres Family!"

Same reaction haha they are happy and beautiful together! I really love them :) xx 

PS : Casemiro is no longer a player of Real ? I dont new photos of Anna on your blog! :(