Anonyme asked: "what all do you know about Maria Pombo ( Alvaro Morata's girlfriend )"

Maria was born in 17/10/1994 so she’s 20. She was studying in Michigan, USA, for a year. She has a dog. :) She is very familiar and she has a brother. She likes football :)

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rejamadridista asked: "Who's pablo"

Pablo ? Idk!


FC Barcelona Couples

Cesc Fabregas + Daniella Semaan

  • Cesc has a heart of gold. I have met many people in my life, but nobody like him. Take care of his family, friends, me, my children. I can not remind him never worried, always with a smile, grateful … For me it is special because it has a job with a lot of pressure, never lose hope, is very strong, has a lot of ambition … I admire him a lot.- Daniella
  • She [Daniella] makes me the happiest.I love her so much. I love to be with my girlfriend, family and with my friends on my free time, especially with my daughter who always gives me special moments. - Cesc

Anonyme asked: "Pablo unfollowed Marina on both twitter and instagram though.."

I saw it too! :) 

etyotro me muero como habla de ella ! PURO AMOR 

Anonyme asked: "Can we see a picture of batra and melissa? I don't know who she is but i hope he's happy with her !"

there is no pics of bartra and melissa together :) she’s a spanish journalist !

"Gerard and I fight only because he likes feeding Milan nutella and I like to feed him grapes!"
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inlovewithfernandotorres asked: "Oh god, what the fuck? I live in the same timezone like you and I'm on tumblr 24/7 too.. Whats the fucking problem with this? It's none of your business (@anon) -.-"

haha amen sweeetie! thank you! xxxxx

Anonyme asked: "actually it's 6:10 pm -.-"

yes I know its the same here whats the problem?

Anonyme asked: "Karim Benzema had a daughter and girlfriend?i love your blog :*"

He isnt spanish sweetie, but yes he has a girlfriend and a daughter :) look here : xxx 

Anonyme asked: "This has nothing to do with football, i'm just curious, you live in france, did you ever sleep-___- you're on tumblr 24/7 and it's like 6.30 in the morning there right? Get some sleep-_-"

First, I dooont have to account to you haha I do what I want!
Secondly, I have TUMBLR application on my phone so as soon as I can go, I go, to answer questions, update etc… 
Third, I wake up at 6:20 (morning) to go to school !

Fourth, I have sleep problems.

Anonyme asked: "Cant believe Bartra is dating that Melissa. She is not beautiful and she is too old for him (she is 27)! I didnt like Sandra but at least she is gorgeous and they were a cute couple."

I love Melissa and Bartra together! She is gorgeous and she looks so cooool!

Anonyme asked: "To this anon: RM beat Atletico in semifinal of Copa del Rey 5-0 so you`re mistake. I understand that you`re sad because barca didn`t win but it`s football and in football better team wins <3"

Anonyme asked: "I think pablo sarabia still dating marina.Her instagram has many photo with him"

Whats her instagram please ? :) xx 

laliga-wags asked: "Hey, do u watch football or only Cree about the wags ?"

I watch football since I was born … Before having a blog about WAGS, Im a big big football fan! x