¡¡¡Muchas feliciades Alma!!!!
La segunda hija de Pepe Reina y Yolanda Ruiz cumple 6 años.


¡¡¡Muchas feliciades Alma!!!!

La segunda hija de Pepe Reina y Yolanda Ruiz cumple 6 años.

Anonyme asked: "top 5 couples"

Shak/Gérard ; Carbonillas ; Maite and Martin ; Roberta and Claudio Marchisio ; yoli and pepe reina :) and you ?

Anonyme asked: "top 5 kids"

Milan ; Martin ; Aitana ; Salome (James’s daughter) and Lorenzetto Bonnuccci :) what about you? Haveee à good day 😘

Anonyme asked: "Mary i have a huge crush on my french director. He is of spanish origin because of his lastname haha but he was raised in France. He's at least 28 and I'm 18. Do you think it's okay if I start to speak to him? God this is weird but you know french people. Are they as cold as people say and romántic as also people say? Haha love your blog btw :*"

it’s better when its the boys who come through you haha. 😉but if he pleases you, then Cmoooooon sweetie ! Whats his name ? Where are you from? Big huuuuuug to you sweetie 😘

barca-wags asked: "@anon: I have the same as before? but write to me on my blog :)"

Its better ;) nightyy xx

claudinuse asked: "Top5 wags ; )"

Shak , Sara, Roberta Marchisio, Marine Lloris, and Maite :) what about you? Xx

Anonyme asked: "To barca-wags admin: please please.... Go back to the old setup! The new is not cool at all, I can't even see all thing that you posted! Please! Love ur blog!"

Nighty sweeetie😘

Anonyme asked: "pique of course :D and lukasz piszczek, mats hummels, james rodriguez and ramos :))"

Goooood choices haha

lauritoth asked: "top 5 favourite music artists (singers and bands also) :)))"

Shakira ; Michael Buble ; Enrique Iglesias ; Daddy yankee and the last……. Idk hahahah what about you ? :)))

Anonyme asked: "top 5 hot players :D"

Pique ; Giroud ; Marchisio ; Torres and lavezzi (so hard to chose only 5 haha) whats about you? :) xx

Anonyme asked: "¿Shakira y Piqué han confirmado su embarazo?"

Al parecer! Pero prefiero esperar una verdadera confirmacion en las redes sociales de shaki y Gérard :)

Anonyme asked: "you support a bitch Mary. I am so disappointed."

I support nobody. I am in no story, this story/their story ! I dontwant to ne meddle with it! good night.